The label Cretan groceries

The “cretan grocery store” brand certifies the retail outlets of Cretan products that meet all specifications, thus prompting the customer to feel confident and secure for his purchases, as he chooses products of high quality and high nutritional value. In these stores, local products are marketed under the brand “crete”, which further enhances their brand identity.

Consequently, the “cretan grocery store” brand illustrates and promotes retail outlets, as it guarantees the origin and quality of the products.

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The Benefits of Certification

    The obtainment of the brands "crete – land of values", "cretan cuisine", "cretan grocery" and "open wineries»:

  1. Contributes to the certification and recognisability of the Cretan products as well as the enterprises, which stand out in the market due to their quality standards.
  2. The certified products and the enterprises obtain a powerful commercial identity in the international and domestic market.
  3. The products are projected at the “Centre of Cretan Gastronomy” (Rethymno) and in the certified enterprises ("cretan cuisine”, "cretan grocery" and "open wineries”).
  4. The certified products are selected by tourist enterprises, thus connecting local agricultural production with tourism.
  5. The certified products and enterprises are projected in the website and the booklets of the Region Crete and in Further they are promoted in the guides for gastronomic routes of the Agro-nutritional Cooperation.
  6. An annual Marketing Plan is being implemented with important domestic and international exhibitions in target-countries, with the possibility to participate at a low or insignificant cost through the funding of the Agro-nutritional Cooperation. At the same time, byers are invited or business delegations are sent to target-countries abroad.


Εμβαδόν Μπακάλικού σε τμΕτήσιο Κόστος

— Μέχρι 50 τμ400 ευρώ

— Από 51 τμ ως 150 τμ500 ευρώ

— Από 151 τμ και άνω600 ευρώ

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