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Cookies are small files of information – usually in text format – that are stored locally on your browser (Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) the software you use to browse the web. Thus, the sites you visit can ‘remember’ your prior visits and identify your actions on the website. This contributes to your visit being more personal.
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How are cookies used?
On this website we use the following types of cookies:
Advertising cookies (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads)
By monitoring user behaviour and actions on our website we can personalize the ads that show up in the network of ads we utilize. By these means, we can show our ads in the best possible way and inform users of our activities.
Statistics cookies (Google Analytics)
By recording website visits and user behaviour we can understand better and faster what our visitors want. The use of cookies helps us provide you with a better experience as based on these stats we work to enhance the user interface, the programming and the information displayed on our website. By using cookies we also monitor anonymously the actions that users complete on our website, such us signing up for our newsletter, contacting us etc.
User information
User data and preferences are recorded anonymously by the advertising companies mentioned in this cookie policy and in no way can we recognize a single user behaviour but only as a rate. The whole process is anonymous. The only information that is stored on cookies is user behaviour on the website. We never keep a record or files of personal information of our users and have no means to identify users by name, neither in the digital nor in the physical space. All users can change the settings of their browser and delete or block all cookies. Users can also visit the websites in the networks they are signed in, to get fully informed and make the right cookie block settings.
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