Company Profile


The “Agrοnutritional cooperation of Region of Crete” hich was founded in March 2012, is a non-profit company.

  • It aims at supporting the agro-nutritional sector and the products of Crete, focusing on the strategic development of the primary and secondary sector and linking them directly to the tourism and catering establishments.
  • It plans and materialises integrated programs for the projection and promotion of Cretan products and of the island’s gastronomic culture. Within this framework it organises seminars and informative events.
  • It submits and manages national and European programs.
  • The program “The European Food Masters – Taste the authentic” launched by the Agro-nutritional Cooperation is a comprehensive action for the projection of Cretan products, focusing on three categories of products: P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin), P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) and Organic Products. The campaign aims, through a series of multiple actions, at the promotion, the recognisability and subsequently the consumption of P.O.P., P.G.E. and organic products in the domestic as well as in the German market.
  • It is part of a broader operational and strategic project of the Region of Crete called “The Basket of agricultural Products”.
  • The main advantage of this carrier is the institutional role that it holds, since it operates in the service of the farmer, the manufacturer, the merchant, the craftsman, of the local community and generally of the products, ensuring a relationship of trust and stability between them.
  • It has created and consolidated the brand “crete – land of values”, “cretan cuisine”, “cretan grocery” and “open wineries». It decisively and effectively contributes to the certification of the value of the products, thus increasing their demand in the hotels of Crete and generally to an overall projection of the Cretan Diet. By interlinking the primary sector with tourism, it supports the gastronomic and wine tourism of the island.
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