Salutation of the Chairman


Dear Friends,

The Agro-nutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete was established in 2012, with a view to become the “tool” for the support and growth of the agro-nutritional sector of the island.
The objective of the Agro-nutritional Cooperation is to shield and promote the local agricultural products, through the support and promotion of the values that are connected to the brand “crete”.
At the same time with the brands “cretan cuisine”, “cretan grocery” and “open wineries” it wanted to create and promote collaborations throughout the productive sectors of the island (food sector – catering sector – retail – tourist sector and viniculture).
The Region of Crete and the Agro-nutritional Cooperation wish for a balanced growth of the island, through the support of the primary sector and by linking it with the tourism industry, as well as through the pin-pointing of the particular gastronomic identity and culture of Crete.
It safeguards and sets off the Cretan Diet, as a powerful nutritional model, functioning as an additional advantage and reassuring the visitor in his choice of Crete as a gastronomic destination.
Through a collective effort, the projection of the outstanding characteristics of the products of Crete is achieved, meeting the consumers’ needs for qualitative and safe food, known for its origin and identity. At the same time, this effort supports considerably the producers and businessmen, thus adding value to their products and achieving growth and development for the local economy.

I would like to thank all of you who have helped and supported this effort and to invite you, to participate and profit from this undertaking launched by the Region Crete and the Agro-nutritional Cooperation.

The Chairman of the Board of Administration
& Regional Advisor for the Regional Unit of Chania
Anastasios (Tassos) Kouroupakis

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