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The “Agrοnutritional cooperation of Region of Crete” is a specialized body, and constitutes the main tool for implementing the strategic plan for the development and upgrading of the food industry on the island. Apart from the main partner which is the Region of Crete, in the company participate private companies operating in food industry of Crete, chambers, groups of producers and associations of agricultural cooperatives.

The main areas in which the «Agrοnutritional cooperation» operates are the following:

  1. Support the strategic development of the primary sector of Crete.
  2. Support the management of the “Basket of Goods of Crete” and guidance of producers.
  3. Standards creation for the certification of products included in the basket of the Region with the brand “Crete”, enhancing the quality of their identity and their commercial value to markets inside and outside the island.  After the implementation of standards and the certification of enterprises, follows the visibility and promotion in markets inside and outside the country. This process will protect and help to increase the added value of quality products that meet the standards of the brand.
  4. Supporting the networking of producers and companies of agri-food sector
  5. Promotion of Cretan agri-food products.
  6. Creation of an integrated marketing strategy for the Cretan products.
  7. Connection of agricultural production to tourism through:
  • the increase in consumption of Cretan products in the hotels of Crete
  • the strengthening and development of agritourism, gastronomy and wine tourism.

The Agrοnutritional cooperation of Region of Crete which was founded by Law 4015/2011, is the first attempt at Greece and comes to meet with a contemporary approach, flexible operation and effectiveness an important need such as the creation of a new dynamic in the primary sector of Crete and its connection with the domestic and international market.

For further information about the company and the certification of the label “crete” which refers to Cretan products, about the Label of the “cretan cuisine”, the label “cretan grocery stores”  and the label of “open wineries” please contact:

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